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Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Research background
Online  advertising  can  be  referred  as  promoting  products  and  services through  information  technology  via  computer  networks  or internet  such  as social  media  advertising,  media  ads,  banners  and  email  campaigns.  Online advertising  offers  numerous  advantages for the  companies  to  influence  the customer behaviour and improve the relationship with the customers changing their attitude, perceptions and brand loyalty. It also helps companies to increase their  customer  base  and  create  competitive  advantage  in  the  market.  Unlike traditional market where the reach of the customer is limited, online advertising creates  an  opportunity  for  the  companies  to  reach  a  wide range  of customers worldwide  with  low  investment  on  marketing  and  promotional  activities . According  to  research,  more  than  60% population  in the  world  has  an  online presence with the majority of the users being millennial between the age group 20  to  35  years  of age.  Many  companies  are  considering  young  people  as  an important  part  of  their  customer  base  and  are  developing  advertisement campaigns to impact and influence their consumer behaviour as millennial are playing a crucial role in purchasing behaviour of their family.The online media is  playing  a  vital  role  to  develop  a  new  portfolio  for  the  young  consumer segment to capture the market. China is one of the rapidly growing countries in the world economically. 

1.2 Research purpose and significance
The  key  purpose  of  the  study  is  to  pursue  analysis  on  online  advertising done  by  the  global  organization  named  “Nike”  and  also in this  context,  the study  emphasises  on  giving  clarity  to  various  types  of  consumer  behaviour which influences the online advertising at present scenario. 
The  first  aim  is  to  explore  how  consumer  factors  namely  consumer perception,  consumer  response  and  consumer  preferences  will be  impacted  by online advertising of Nike Company in China. The second aim is to understand the types of online advertisements used by Nike to impact young consumers of China.
Apart from the aims this project also specifies its research objectives. The below are the objectives set for the study. 
-  To  explore  types  of  online  advertising  done  by  the  Nike  company  in China.
-  To  evaluate  the  impact  of  online  advertisings  on  the  consumer’s behaviour. 
- To analyse the three key factors consumer perception, consumer response and consumer preference influencing the consumer behaviour.
The first objective will analyse the type of online advertisements currently used  by  the  company  Nike  in  China.  The  second  objective  will evaluate  the impact of the currently used advertisements on the young consumers of China. The  third  objective  will  analyse  the  factors that  are  influencing  the  consumer behaviour  with  the  special  focus  on  consumer  perception,  consumer  response and consumer preference. 

Chapter 2 Concept of online advertising and consumer behavior
2.1 Concept of Online Advertising
According  to  Armstrong  (2015),  online  advertising  is  a  mass communication tool that is though based on traditional advertising has different communication  techniques  and  strategies.  Use  of  technology  is  high  and medium  of  communication  are  through  online  or internet  such  as  email campaigns,  social  media  platforms  and  through  smartphones.  There  can  be several  types  of  internet advertisements  such  as  search  engine  results,  banner ads,  social  media  networks  such  as  Facebook  and   Twitter  as  well  as  email marketing [4]. As per Athey (2013) online advertising refers to selling strategy that  includes  internet  is  used  to  generate  traffic  in  websites and  send  the marketing messages to the targeted consumers.  It is usually done by defining the  right  markets  using  applications.  From past  decade  there  has  been  the tremendous  increase  in  the  use  of  the  internet  for  advertising  that  has penetrated into small as well as large companies [1]. Berger (2015) argued that it  is  one  type  of  promotion  that  is  done  through  internet  and  WWW  (World Wide Web)  for  the  sole  purpose  of  creating  awareness  among  people  about what products or services and to induce them to purchase them. There are also interactive online advertisements that allow users to view many advertisement brands and this will prompt consumers to visit their brand company websites in case of any intention to purchase the products. 

2.2 Concept of consumer behaviour
Van  Doom  (2013)  states  that  consumer  behaviour  can  be  referred  as  a study on people, groups and companies as well as their business processes they chose to use to promote their products, services, experience and ideas to meet the needs and demands. The impact of these activities is high on the customers as  well  as  on  society  as  the  whole.  He  further  argued  that  the  consumer behaviour  differs from  person  to  person  depending  on  various  other  factors along with purchasing decision such as purchase habits and preferences that are mostly influenced by psychological and social needs of the person [55]. 
Venerean  (2013),  expressed  that  the  consumer  behaviour  is  termed  as decision making and actions of the consumer purchase. Extensive research has been  done  by  researchers  and  companies  to  understand  the  behaviour  of  the customers  and  the  factors  that influence  the  behaviour  such  as  values  and beliefs,  culture,  personality  of  the  customers,  age,  gender,  education  and income  of  the consumer.  These  results  are  further  used by  the  companies  to create  marketing  and  promotional  strategies  that  will  attract  more customers and enhance their sales and performance of the company in the market [56]. 
Chapter 3 Research Methodology ................... 22
3.1 Research Approach ...................... 22
3.2 Research Paradigm .................. 23
Chapter 4 Data Analysis ................ 31
4.1 Respondents’ Profile ........................ 31
4.1.1 Gender .................... 32
4.1.2 Age ................. 33
Chapter 5 Research emphasizing and Recommendations ................. 49
5.1 Research Emphasizing .............. 50
5.1.1 Online advertising and Consumer Behaviour .................... 50
5.1.2 Online advertising and Consumer Perception ............. 51

Chapter 5 Research emphasizing and Recommendations

5.1 Research Emphasizing
The  key  motivation  behind  the  study  is  to  seek  after  analysis  on  online advertising done by a worldwide organization named "Nike" and furthermore in this  unique  circumstance,  the  researcher  stresses  on  offering  clearness  to different  sorts  of  customer  behaviour  which impacts  the  online  advertising  at show situation. The primary point is to investigate how customer factors to be specific  shopper discernment,  consumer  perception,  consumer  response  and consumer  preferences  will  be  affected  by  the  online  marketing  of  Nike Company  in  China.  The  second  point  is  to  comprehend  the  kinds  of  online advertisements utilized by Nike to affect youthful buyers of China.

This study clearly indicates that: 

of  the  customers,  age,  sex,  education,  and  salary  of  the  shopper.  These outcomes are additionally utilized by the organizations to make marketing and special systems that will draw in more customers and improve their deals and execution  of  the  organization  in  the  market. 



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